Pat Gainor
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Native of Detroit, Michigan, USA

Lives and works in Los Angeles, California, USA



Otis College of Art & Design, Los Angeles, CA

University of Detroit, Bachelor of Arts, MI

Additional Studies: Peter Alexander, Laddie John Dill, James Doolin, Henry Fukahara, Linco Chow


2016  ART BASEL Switzerland 2016, GZ-Basel 2016, Satellite Art Fair, Basel, Switzerland Positano, Italy

Torrance Art Museum, "SBF Show", Torrance CA
      –-Curator: Peter Frank

San Diego Art Institute and Museum, "MAS Attack", San Diego, CA

Santa Monica Art Studios, "Distinctive Voices", Santa Monica, CA

Torrance Art Museum, "FINAL MAS Attack", Torrance, CA

2015  Gallery 825, "VS", Los Angeles, CA

Morris Graves Museum of Art, "Five by Seven" Eureka, CA

San Diego Art Institute, "MAS ATTACK 8" San Diego, CA

Phantom Galleries LA, "New Work" Hawthorne, CA

Temporary Space Gallery, "MASQUE" Los Angeles, CA

BG Gallery, "Spectrum Gestalt 2" Santa Monica, CA

2014  Mediterraneo Galleria, "Pat Gainor Positano Impressions"
          Solo Show, Positano, Italy       
              Links: Pat Gainor: Positano Impressions       
                         Positano My Life: Pat Gainor Positano Impressions       
                         (Scroll down for English)

Awarded Permanent Display, UCLA Medical Center, Los Angeles, CA

South Bay Contemporary Gallery, "Fresh 2014" Rolling Hills Estates, CA       
      –Curator: Mat Gleason

Mediterraneo Galleria, "La Collezione" Positano, Italy

Los Angeles Municipal Art Gallery, Los Angeles, CA

New York, NY 2013  Annex Gallery on Sclater Street,
         "Contemporary 2013" London, UK

Mediterraneo Galleria, Positano, Italy

Cervantes Institute Gallery, "Sense and Art" New York, NY

Arte e Vino, Positano, Italy

Toyota Museum, "Gallery of Fine Art 2013" Torrance, CA

2012  Mediterraneo Galleria
         Positano, Italy

Zonta International, "No Boundaries" Pasadena, CA

Arte e Vino, Positano, Italy

Toyota Museum, "Gallery of Fine Art 2012" Torrance, CA

2011  Shoshana Wayne Gallery, Bergamot Station, Santa Monica, CA

Offramp Gallery, “Jade“ Pasadena, CA       
      –Curator: Quinton Bemiller
      –Director: Jane Chafin

2010  Latitude 33 “Hope for Change” Santa Monica, CA London, UK
               –Curator: Ryan Wolf

Project 210 Gallery, “Complex Yet Approachable” Pasadena, CA
      –Curators: Quinton Bemiller, Chuck Feesago

2008  Los Angeles County Museum of Art Auction, Los Angeles, CA
               –Curator: LACMA Council

Los Angeles County Museum of Art, “Wet Paint” Los Angeles, CA
      –By Invitation

2007  Los Angeles County Museum of Art, “Wet Paint” Los Angeles, CA
               –By Invitation

2002  Chinese Cultural Center, “East Meets West” Alhambra, CA
               –Curator: Linco Chow
               –“Artistic Excellence Award

SMC, “Life is a Piece of Work” Santa Monica, CA
      –Curator: Tom Wudl
      –“People’s Choice Award for 2002

2001  Chinese Cultural Center, “East Meets West” Alhambra, CA
               –Curator: Linco Chow

  Rehearsal Club, “PAT GAINOR, NOW” Solo Show, New York, NY

Grand Rapids Art Museum, “Spring Exhibition” Grand Rapids, MI


Molly Barnes, former NYC& LA gallerist, author, California and New York

Elizabeth and Gerry Byrne, New York, New York and Quogue, New York

Antonino Catalano, London, England, United Kingdom

Leslie Charney, former gallerist, Beverly Hills, California

Alan Shapiro, MD, Beverly Hills, California

Cheryl and William Cuhran, Livonia, Michigan

Avv. Deborah Cristina, Cantania Sicily, Italy

Jim Doolin, Los Angeles, California

Manuela Esposito, Positano, Italy

ETA, Inc., Film and Television producer, Venice, California

Hotel Ville Delle Palme (permanent collection) Positano, Italy

Lorenzo B. Esposito, Positano Italy

Paul Gainor, author, Detroit, Michigan & Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

The Honorable Hugh and Kathleen Gardener, Hermosa Beach, California

Irene and Clark Johnson, Coldwell Banker, Temecula, California

Nancy Koven, Los Angeles, California

Ramine Gregerson, Oslo, Norway and Paris, France

Isle Knoch, Bloomfield Hills, Michigan

Heather and T.Paul Miller, Senior V.P., Sony Pictures International, Laguna Beach, California

Helen Moyle, Sterling Heights, Michigan

Patrick Gainor, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Hannah Miller, Calabasas, California

Anna Parloto, Positano and Naples, Italy

Florence Paul, Warren, Michigan

Rehearsal Club (permanent collection) New York, New York

Robert and Sharon Shook, former Ford Motor Co. Executive, Bloomfield Hills, Michigan

Charles Shriddie, artist, Scottsdale, Arizona

Poala and Bruno Tommisini, Florence, Italy

Edward D. Tar, Producer NBC Universal, Los Angeles, California

Gretchen and Scott Wassendorf, Stevensville, Michigan

UCLA Medical Center (permanent collection) Torrance, California
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