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Pat Gainor Pat Gainor

Pat exhibits internationally and has been painting over thirty years. She has always had a strong creative flair. As class valedictorian, she attended college on a four-year academic scholarship. Her studies concentrated on the arts and earned her a Bachelor of Arts degree all while winning several major beauty pageants.

As a young model and actress in New York, she lived next to the Museum of Modern Art in Manhattan, which became her muse. Her work was on permanent display at the famous Rehearsal Club on 53rd and Fifth Ave. She often painted in Central Park where enthusiastic New Yorkers would gather round to throw out encouraging comments and opinions.

Moving to the West Coast, she continued refining her talents both on the stage and screen as an accomplished actress and on the canvas as a bold, fresh artist. She appeared in numerous films and Primetime TV shows with actors like Rob Lowe, Martin Short and Edward J. Olmos and as “Kate” in “Days of our Lives.”

Pat, a second-generation painter, has studied with numerous artists including renowned artist James Doolin, her mentor, and most recently at Otis College of Art and Design. She lives in Los Angeles and is very active in the vibrant art community in Southern California.


"I love to manipulate the paint and find unique ways to use colors, shapes, textures and line to convey an idea or emotion.

One of my series is based on the “M” theory espoused by Stephen Hawking. It contends that all matter and energy is composed of vibrating strings which can expand into membranes (branes). As these vibrating forces collide they create a break or wormhole leading into another dimension. This series (in Gallery 2, line 2) is my artistic impression to capture that thrilling and unfathomable moment of breakthrough.

The goal of my art is to elicit an emotional response from the spectator. To further involve the viewer I often leave out a piece of the puzzle so it is open to personal interpretation."



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